The God Minute

Oct 13 - Random Wednesday (Sr Carol)

October 13, 2021 The God Minute
The God Minute
Oct 13 - Random Wednesday (Sr Carol)
Show Notes

Teresa of Ávila, also called Saint Teresa of Jesus, was a Spanish noblewoman who felt called to convent life in the Catholic Church. A Carmelite nun, prominent Spanish mystic, religious reformer, author, theologian of the contemplative life and of mental prayer, she earned the rare distinction of being declared a Doctor of the Church, September 27th, 1970 by Pope Paul VI.   Active during the Catholic Reformation, she reformed the Carmelite Orders of both women and men. The movement she initiated was later joined by the younger Spanish Carmelite friar and mystic John of the Cross. It led eventually to the establishment of the Discalced Carmelites. A formal papal decree adopting the split from the old order was issued in 1580. 

(Psalm 81)

"You are my God"

"Antiphon - Immutemur"
"We Move Lightly"